The Unholy: Modern Miracles, Seeing Isn’t Believing


Written by Luke Barnes

I have been waiting for this film for some time, with perhaps too high expectations.

I am a big Jeffery Dean Morgan fan and his last foray into horror The Possession was terrific, this only caused me to get more excited for this film prior to seeing it. Before I get into some issues I had with the film, I want to state that Morgan and his performance is a bright spot of the film and he leads this film with a gusto.

My issues with this film come from its themes and messages, the film can’t seem to decide on what sort of tact it wants to take with regard to religion. At times the film is very critical of organised religion, especially Catholicism, but then at other times it is very much into embracing it. I would have preferred the film to take a hard line and focus more on the issues of organised religion from a horror stand point, but the film bends in the end.  It is for this reason I don’t like the ending.

I think the horror of this film works and it did leave me chilled, however some of the effects don’t look good and the film as a whole looks a little cheap. The film is better and crucially scarier when slight things are happening rather than full on sequences where the demon/witch is moving around.

Adding to, this film features an annoyingly large amount of really repetitive jump scares that it should have cut out as they are neither scary, nor well done.

Overall, a decent if flawed horror film.


It is unsettling

Jeffery Dean Morgan

The criticisms of organised religion


The ending

The jump scares

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