The Bad Batch: Rampage


This episode was yet another example of how this show is starting to lose me: the drama and stakes of the first episode have seemingly been ignored and now it is just week after week of pointless villain of the week sort of episodes with the wider mysteries that the series teased out just sort of existing in the either.

Likewise the character development has seemingly stalled, with neither the Bad Batch nor Echo receiving anything even close to development. It is the same beats and ideas over and over again; I also think it is odd how the band have seemingly just forgotten about Crosshair, other than a slight mention here they have not mentioned any thought to saving or rescuing their friend. An oversight of the writing perhaps.

The only real pro I can give this episode is that they build on the Fennec Shand stuff from the last episode. Proving that perhaps the character wasn’t just forced in and that maybe the series does have bigger plans for her.

Overall, I am starting to lose faith in this show.


Building Fennec Shand

The end of the episode teases better stories to come


Villain of the week

Forgetting Crosshair

The character arcs are trapped in a status

Written by Luke Barnes

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