Four Good Days: A Frank And Uncompromising Look At Addiction


Written by Luke Barnes

This is a harrowing film, but one that I think is an important watch: the film does not shy away from showing you the horrors of addiction and the impact it has not just on yourself, but those around you. As I was watching this film I often found myself being moved to emotion by the events on screen whether that was sadness, joy or frustration- crucially it made me feel.

I think both Glenn Close and Mila Kunis are terrific here, with the latter really showcasing her skills as a dramatic actor. I think the bond between these two characters feels so real that you easily believe they are mother and daughter. Furthermore, you can see the scars and hurt in their relationship and how despite both doing things they regret, they also to be there for and support each other.

This film is obviously a very bleak watch, yet one that I found inspiring. Though the struggles and issues raised in the film are deeply upsetting, I found the ending of the film helped to not send you into a pit of despair: whilst also managing to show that addiction is a struggle you fight for your whole life even after you get clean.

Overall, a very strong and effecting dramatic piece.




The ending

The bond/ emotions


A few light pacing issues.

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