Cruella: When Is This Film Set Does Anyone Know ? PS. That Is Not The Seventies


Written by Luke Barnes

Disney’s live action remakes will never get any love from me: they are an effort in baiting nostalgia and milking the past to make up for modern day creative failings- worse yet it seems to be working for them. Anyway, I went into this film with low expectations, the trailers didn’t inspire hope, however, after watching it I find myself mixed.

The biggest pro I can give this film is for Emma Stone’s performance. Stone manages to lose herself in the role, and truly become the character. I liked the fact that they didn’t go out of their way to make her sympathetic or even likeable most of the time, with that helping her feel more villainous and more like the character we would later come to know.

However, that is where the pros for the film grind to a halt. My biggest issue with this film was its style. From a design perspective this film is schizophrenic never really being able to decide what tone or even era it was going for- it is jarringly off putting.

Moreover, the plot and story of the film are laughably far fetch, with the film giving up on trying to explain itself midway through, thus creating so many plot holes that you begin to lose count.

Finally, there are plenty of characters in this narrative that serve no purpose and are redundant. Case in point Cruella’s childhood friend/reporter, who’s whole character arc is that she follows Cruella around and takes pictures; she has no character beyond that, nor does she have a need to be in this film at all.

Overall, not worth the price of admission wait until it is free on Disney +


Emma Stone

Mark Strong


The odd tone

The inconsistencies

The era/ and the fact the film can’t decide when it wants to be set

The logic

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One thought on “Cruella: When Is This Film Set Does Anyone Know ? PS. That Is Not The Seventies

  1. I don’t get the point of this movie’s existence. Cruella was never even an interesting villain- she was an insane woman who wanted to make a coat of out dogs. Why make a whole movie about her? 😛

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