Friends Reunion: A Desperate Attempt To Save HBO Max


Written by Luke Barnes

It is a sad state of affairs when a show has to tarnish what would otherwise be a rather solid reputation, for a desperate attempt at regaining relevancy and propping up a hard hit streaming service- yet here we are. The writing was on the wall, for this being nothing more than a blatant, vain attempt to milk nostalgia to get a few more sign ups for HBO Max, the second they announced the guest stars.

Said guest stars mostly have nothing to do with the show, a few of them are old faces coming back: they are pleasing. The rest, however, are whoever a group of clearly aging studio executives think ‘the youths’ like- insert BTS. To me I found this grating, and as I was actually looking forward to this reunion I found it to be disappointing as well.

Moreover, and perhaps worst of all, this flips into somewhat of a quasi-interview/audience interaction thing midway through, and who do they get to host it? Why every writers least favourite person James Corden. I understand the Americans have yet to find out what an insufferable person Corden is, so they have to put him in everything, but it is just frustrating.

Despite my negativity thus far, there are still some nice moments and interesting behind the scenes titbits thrown in, and that is why this show does not get a lower score.

Overall, I think it is sad that the creatives and the actors would allow their show, the thing that made a lot of them famous, to be brought back as a means to hollowly push a struggling streaming service and further the constant attention of those deemed trendy by fifty year old white men in boardrooms and focus groups.


A few funny moments

The behind the scenes stuff is fascinating


James Corden

The celebrity guest stars

The asides to ‘regular people’ talking about how much Friends means to them

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