Brightburn: Evil Superman’s Origin Story


Written by Luke Barnes

This film is basically what if Superman was evil, it knows this and it does it perfectly. I find this film often miscategorised some say it is a horror film, it is not, rather it is an action film with horror sequences thrown in; or perhaps an action horror if you like.

I enjoyed how they built the evil over the course of the film, the child doesn’t start vaporising people from the get-go, we see him go on some what of a rushed character journey towards evil; with his mum foolishly thinking he can be tempted back the other way. I thought once this film got to the part where he was fully evil and fully using his powers to annihilate people it really started to shine.

However, my favourite moment of this film comes at the end. After the final battle we are treated to a post credits scene, as what is a superhero film without one these days, during which we see the fact that there is in fact an entire evil Justice League of other characters, which simply begs for a sequel- hopefully this film gets one.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Banks really shines in this film: she is by far the standout performance. I liked how we saw her character breakdown more and more over the course of the film as she started to realise that the boy she has raised from infancy was in fact evil, it was a fascinating transition and one Banks sold well on the acting front.

Overall, a very strong film that deserves a sequel.



The ending

The post credits scene

The alien unleashed


A slow first act  

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