The Father: Olivia Colman Deserved Her Second Oscar


Written by Luke Barnes

I applaud the inventiveness of this film, what could easily have been a very linear experience is turned on its head. Personally, I thought the choice to show everything from Anthony, played by Anthony Hopkin’s, point of view was sheer genius; as the character suffers from Alzheimer’s the events of the film are out of order, muddled and actors switch out as the character can’t remember what they look like anymore- it is brilliant.

I thought Hopkin’s gave one of his best performances to date, running the gambit from charming to mean and unlikeable and then heart breakingly vulnerable- all within an hour and a half. Would I say it is Oscar worthy? No, in a regular year, Yes with what he was up against, it was a very good performance.

The same praise can be heaped on Olivia Colman who plays Anthony’s struggling daughter who has to take him in and help him out whilst he is in-between carers. Colman is stellar and her constant state of near tears but still maintaining a smile speaks to everyone who has ever found themselves in a similar situation; in my opinion hers was the better of the two performances and she should have won the Oscar.

The one slight negative, and this was always going to be the case you knew going in, is that this film is manically depressing, though not as much as you might expect, so be prepared with something happy to watch to follow this film up with.

Overall, a gem and one of the best films of last year.




The point of view focus

The emotional wringer  


It is deeply depressing   

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