Voyagers: A Base Impulse Indeed



There is two types of ‘smart sci-fi’ film, one that usually is clever but bafflingly so, and the other is an imitation, it tries to be clever and insightful, maybe even deep, but it can never be more than an imitation- this is the latter.

My biggest issue with this film is that fact that despite having several good ideas prime for exploring the film instead goes for Lord of the Flies in space and quickly becomes obvious. To make matters worse the film thinks it is being highbrow and intelligent for making this choice, when it is the furthest thing from the truth, however the film is far too narcissistic to see that it has the depth of a puddle.

Furthermore another issue I found was the rape threat throughout the film. I understand that the film wants to convey these characters as giving into their base impulses, but having a whole sub plot dedicated to how the villain wants to force himself on the female lead feels in bad taste, and there seems to be a million different ways the film could have conveyed root base line evil without going in this direction.

The positives of the film definitely come in the performances Lily Rose-Depp is the breakout of the film and Colin Farrell is doing a good job anchoring things together. Ty Sheridan is fine, but he never makes it past the generic, heroic male lead.

Overall, a film that has promise, yet it chooses to throw this all away to chase after a far more base and obvious plotline that you have seen before.




The premise


The rape threat

Lord of the flies in space

Becomes very generic and forgettable as it goes on

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