Undergods: A Darkly Comedic Masterpiece In Folk Horror



This film is perhaps one of the most creative and interesting that I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed the vignette style stories, each one short but crucially unique, with its own thing to say. I think the world that these collection of short stories sets up is ripe for fantastic fantasy stories for years to come, if this film does not get a sequel it is a huge, missed opportunity.

Now the film isn’t perfect, there are a few little imperfections that gradually grow over the course of the film until they become a sizeable enough part of the film that you can’t ignore them. Mainly this is things like pacing issues, odd plot holes and a few of the stories not being as strong as the rest. However, even with these issues the film is still very good.

I thought the dystopian outlook of Europe this film has is riveting and heart-breaking, the fixation on the grim under a darkly comedic microscope makes for an interesting commentary which thematically is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Overall, a true triumph that would have got full marks if it were not for a few small issues that compound.


The uniqueness

The short story feel

The darkly comedic tone

The world


A bit disjointed at times, with plot holes and pacing.   

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