Percy Vs Goliath: The Breadbasket Is Under Attack

Percy Vs Goliath


Written by Luke Barnes

I am a big fan of Christopher Walken, he is one of those few actors who is near always great even if he is only in a film for a short cameo, and this film is no different. Walken makes the character of Percy feel very human and sympathetic and does a lot to honour and capture the spirit of the real man himself.

Moreover, I think it is the performance of Walken that puts this film above a lot of other similar films, and believe me there are a lot of them, the idea of a regular person standing up to a large corporation is a very popular type of narrative that can be seen throughout the history of cinema, and back further into religious cannon: it taps into our universal love of the underdog. However, despite Walken being good this film does end up fading in with the rest of them, and the story itself is very predictable in this regard.

Furthermore, Walken is supported by a very talented cast as well with Zach Braff and Christina Ricci giving scene stealing performances, and easily holding their own with such a veteran performer as Walken.

Overall, despite a lot of high calibre actors giving good performances the film ends up feeling a little too predictable and familiar.






It is predictable and feels a little too similar

It has pacing issues

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