Mitchell Vs The Machines: The Memes Of The Late Noughties

Mitchell Vs The Machines


There was a lot surrounding this film prior to release, Sony seemed to have no faith in the film moving it away from a delayed cinema release that would have seen it come out at Christmas opposite Soul, and instead releasing it on Netflix instead. I was aware of this prior to watching, so I had lowered expectations going in and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film.

Let me start off by saying this won’t be for everyone, it is a very loud film, and one that relies heavily on shared internet and meme culture. The memes featured in this film are not current either, the sort you would send to your friends, they are dated memes from the recent past that you vaguely remember, reminding you that old Hollywood executives are out of touch, even when they are trying to appeal to the ‘youth’.

I thought the writing of this film was mostly spot on, there were a few cringe moments, but for the most part the film seemed to understand its audience and knew how to make its subject matter emotionally impactful. Within animated cinema recently there seems to be a growing thematic trend of fathers and daughters, and though this film does not manage anything knew on that front it still manages to make you feel something. One of the final scenes of the film where the father and daughter have to say goodbye to each other as she is going off to college, does feel suitably Pixar esque and the emotion matches what that studio is known for- I had a tear in my eye.

Overall, Sony Animation often gets an unfairly bad rap, and though this film is not perfect, it is a fun, quirky and bold animated film that has a strong sense of personality.


The emotion

The quirky sensibilities

A few funny moments


There is some bad cringe moments

The memes and references are dated and quickly become a bit too much  

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