Space: Fear The Skies



Written by Luke Barnes

Whilst watching this film I felt very claustrophobic, I suppose that was the point. The vastness of space is hereby changed into a very narrow survival thriller, and it works very well. Personally, I always thought there was something menacing about space and I am surprised, so few horror films take advantage of this, as the setting really does benefit this film.

There are a few jump scares here, but they are not obvious, and actually serve the purpose of making you jump. However, the bigger thing to praise in terms of the horror of this film is it’s atmosphere: which is incredibly oppressive and menacing throughout. The atmosphere leads to a growing feeling of dread, which lasts throughout the film, being expertly fed by events on screen.

The acting is well done and convincing, you believe everything you are seeing on screen and the acting manages to perfectly capture the emotions of the scenes and the film as a whole and convey it in a very real and genuine way.

Overall, a well done claustrophobic horror film that makes the most of its space setting.


The space setting

The acting

The scares

Making the vastness of space feel very small and very claustrophobic


A few pacing issues

Somewhat predictable

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