Here Are The Young Men: Ready Yourself For A Good Cry

Here Are The Young Men


Written by Luke Barnes

I have seen, watched and red a great deal of unpleasant things over my life, but never before have I been as disturbed and unsettled as I was with this film. This film is not a horror film, rather a crime drama film based on a real life story, but that true story is so horrific that this is far more frightening than any horror film you might watch. The evil of the film is so personal and so close to home, as anyone could find themselves in this situation, that you can feel it breathing on your neck.

I want to state clearly that I don’t think this is a bad film, rather the contrary I think it has a lot of stuff going for it, however the reason why I have given it such a low score is because it is so deeply troubling and unpleasant, that it is hard to watch, and I had to take multiple breaks during it, to try and stave off falling into a depressed, almost nihilistic state. As such I can’t recommend anyone watch this film, unless you have a stronger stomach than I.

The performances across the board are terrific, Anya Taylor- Joy as always is fantastic. However, the man who steals the show here, in every sense of the phrase, is Travis Fimmel. Fimmel plays a deranged tv presenter, who we the audience don’t even know if he is real or a metaphor for psychosis, but whatever the case he makes the most out of his limited amount of screen time.

Overall, it is a powerful film with strong performances, but it so unpleasant to watch that I can’t see how a person would enjoy it.


Fimmel/ Anya Taylor- Joy and the acting as a whole

The trippy feel and the aesthetic


It is hard to watch

It is not always clear what is going on

It will upset you

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