Crappy Mother’s Day: Celebrating Women

Crappy Mother’s Day


Written by Luke Barnes

I think more films should be set on Mother’s Day, there are a few, but in the vast tide of Christmas, Halloween and even a few Easter offerings, Mother’s Day really doesn’t get its due in terms of film representation. I enjoyed the premise of three generations of women coming together to share a Mother’s Day, I thought there was a lot of unmined comedy potential there- luckily this film executed well on this.

The film is by no means a laugh a minute, I was entertained well enough and laughed a few times throughout, but it is not the funniest comedy film you will see all year. More hits than misses though, and considering this film defines itself as a comedy that seems like a win.

I enjoyed the performances across the board and thought that each performer brought something different and special to there role. I found all the characters likeable and there wasn’t any that became grating as the film progressed.

There are slight pacing issues especially within the first act as the feature attempts to set itself up and introduce us to the characters/story, however these are only fairly minor.

Overall, a charming comedy film that mostly nails its comedy.


A few good laughs

Strong performances all round

An interesting and fruitful premise


Not all the jokes land

Slight pacing issues

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