Spider-Man: The Awkward Hero We All Need



Written by Luke Barnes

A part of me will always view Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man as the one Spider-Man for me, he was the one I grew up on, the one I saw at the cinema when I was young, and though I did enjoy the darker Andrew Garfield version, and Tom Holland is fine, they can never hope to match the awkward charm of McGuire’s Peter Parker.

Raimi brings his very unique stylings to this film and it really helps to keep it fresh all these years later, watching Spider-Man cage fight whilst Bruce Campbell plays a cooler version of Vince McMahon is something I never knew I needed.

I also think McGuire is fantastic in the role, he feels like a believable nerd, which Garfield and Holland never did or do, and there is something of the awkward outsider in him that we can all relate to. Moreover, McGuire has a good deal of chemistry with Kristen Dunst who plays his on screen love interest Mary Jane Watson. Now say what you like about Sue Storm and Reed Richard, or the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Gray and Wolverine, but when I think of romance in a Marvel story I think of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, this is why the chemistry is crucial- luckily this film has it covered.

Finally, whoever decided to cast odd ball Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin deserves an award, as he is the perfect version of that character: unrepentantly evil whilst also strange and darkly funny- perfect.

Overall, a fun goodtime that reminds us all of what is so lacking in today’s Spider-Man.




Bruce Campbell

Willem Dafoe


Uncle Ben dies yet again

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