Identity Thief: Jason Bateman Deserves Better

Identity Thief


Written by Luke Barnes

This film reminds me of the worst output from Adam Sandler, it is boring, mean spirited and cheap. As I have said at length in other reviews, the joke of Melissa McCarthy being large is not funny, if anything it is offensive to those of that disposition. The jokes are equally as lazy and reek of desperate cliches and stereotypes thought of by people who long since realised they weren’t funny and didn’t know how to be anymore.

The Americans need to realise that being loud and obnoxious is not funny, repeating a joke over and over at a louder decibel does not make it funny- the rest of the world knows this, maybe its time to check your memos. The jokes in this film never really land, there might be the odd chuckle here or there but for the most part they are cheap and base.

Jason Bateman deserves better than this, I am glad to see after this film came out he moved on to better fare- he needs to cut the connection to McCarthy as it is starting to tarnish his good name. Bateman is the only reason this film gets the score it gets; he is the one saving grace.

Overall, yet more cheap comedy fare wherein McCarthy self-deprecates herself for some desperate laughs.


Jason Bateman



The fat jokes

The obnoxiousness of it

The plot goes nowhere, and you have seen it before

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