Jack And Jill: Did Anyone Find This Funny? Anyone?

Jack And Jill


Written by Luke Barnes

I have been a fan of Adam Sandler for years; I have defended many of his films that people think are frequently terrible. However, even I have a line and this film pushed me past it. The joke of the film, it repeats over and over again despite the fact it is not funny is, oh look its Adam Sandler in drag, ha ha. Now, if we unpack that before going any further, you can see how mean spirited and harmful this film really is, why should we laugh at a man in drag? Why is that supposed to be funny?  The idea seems to be to laugh at and find humour in those different to you, which has been proven throughout history to be a hell of a bad thing, yet Sandler gets a pass because it is a dumb comedy film?

This surely has to be the lowest point of Sandler’s career, though never say never, as he proves himself to represent all the worst things about the film industry, and also to be out of touch with what people want to see in comedy films. Did anyone want this? Did anyone find this funny?

The rest of the cast who haunt this film are clearly only there for an easy pay day, and they get it but at what cost.

Overall, a terrible film that should be avoided.




Laughing at people in drag

Adam Sandler

It isn’t funny

It is repetitive

Frankly it is irritating

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