Vanquish: Possibly Ruby Rose’s Worst Performance



Written by Luke Barnes

Just when my faith has been restored in Ruby Rose, following her surprisingly good performance in SAS Red Notice, it is then immediately lost with yet another example of her inability to act. The failings of this film can not be simply dumped on Rose herself; the film is bad across the board.

The biggest and most obvious issue is the fact that the film is incredibly generic, there is nothing new about it at all and you have seen all of it done better before elsewhere. None of the characters or the drama captures your attention, and you are left bored for the majority of the film.

Rose can’t seem to emote, whether she is being forced back into her old life as a killer, is upset when her kid is in danger, or killing a room full of people she always has the same expression on her face. This could be seen as a brilliant portrayal of an unfeeling, indifferent sociopath, but she is supposed to be a character that audiences warm to and root for so that doesn’t really work and just cements the fact that Rose can’t act.

Morgan Freeman isn’t much better, he is clearly here for the money.

Overall, the worst sort of straight to video action film, no care, heart, or even basic consideration has been put into this film.

It is short


It is incredibly generic

Freeman is clearly just doing it for the money

Rose can’t act

It has no stakes as you don’t care about the characters at all

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