Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse: The Power And Glory Of The Animated Medium

Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse


Written by Luke Barnes

For all those who doubt Sony Animation this film is undeniable proof of their talent on a huge scale. The animation is beautiful, the emotions and family dynamic are heart warming and complex, and there are enough easter eggs, nods and appearances from Elseworlds Spider-people to keep even the biggest Spider-Man fan happy.

This film shows what the animated medium can do, the story is powerful and moving and works both in a way to appeal to children who are drawn in by the bright colours and the name of the hero, but also as a reward for long time fans.
I enjoyed that the film was not a direct adaptation of the Spiderverse comic, but instead did something new with it. As a comics fan I enjoyed seeing all these different versions of Spider-Man interact on screen, Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir was of course my favourite, of those featured prominently; though that should not be a surprise to anyone who reads my reviews regularly.

My favourite moment of the whole film was of course the cameo at the end with Oscar Issac’s Miguel O’ Hara as he is my favourite Spider-Man, and I was glad to see him included.

Overall, a magnificent film.


The animation

The cameos and nods

The emotion and the story

The ending

The originality



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