Nobody: Never Mess With The Man On The Bus



Written by Luke Barnes

As many of you know I am a huge John Wick fan, as whilst this film is different in a lot of ways it bares more than a passing similarity, but rather than be lesser I think both films are on a par with one another.

This film was slightly more tongue in cheek than Wick, there were moments where this film almost acknowledges the silliness of its premise and these are great as they do actually make you laugh and add to the wider charm of the film. I have not smiled so much at a film in a long time.

Bob Odenkirk excels in this film. I will admit I had my doubts about him in the role, but not only does he pull off the action hero role with flair he also makes the character likeable as well and gives him a personality. I enjoyed the duality of his character, how he was so conflicted trying to be both the family man as well as balance his nature as a cold blooded killer.

The action is very well handled, the early bus scene especially, but I would expect nothing less from the visionary director who brought us Hardcore Henry. The violence is brutal and visceral, and really does satisfy a gory whole in the heart.

Overall, a surprising gem.


The violence

The humour


The final fight


A bit too familiar at times.

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