Blackhat: Hacking Computers With Your Shirt Off

Black Hat


Written by Luke Barnes

A lot of Marvel actors have a hard time existing outside of the MCU, by that I mean look at the projects of a Tom Holland, Scar Jo or even Chris Hemsworth, yes they might have a win every now and again, but on the whole it is a deluge of bland forgettable films. Of all the MCU actors Hemsworth probably knows this best, as there have been several efforts to ingrain him into other big franchises and blockbuster movies which have all failed for one reason or another. To many this film is another example of that, however, don’t think it is as bad as many would have you believe.

I think Hemsworth is very watchable here and makes for a likeable enough protagonist. Is it a bit ridiculous and unrealistic that he is a topless expert hacker, yes, yes it is, but this is Hollywood after all.

I enjoyed the surprisingly brutal violence, I thought the ending especially was viciously fantastic, and I liked the wider ambiguousness to it, it had a Catch Me If You Can vibe, and I would like to see a sequel where Hemsworth’s character goes up against and even more shredded and genius level hacker; even though it is likely never going to happen.

The major issue with this film, however, is that it is poorly paced and bloated. There is a sequence early on that just shows the inner workings of a computer as it is being hacked, and yes whilst some might find it visually interesting, I thought it dragged on and on and was a poor start to the film.  

Overall, a surprisingly decent and competent thriller, worsened by bloat.


The violence

The tension


The pacing

A lot of the characters feel disposable

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