Antebellum: A Lecture Disguised As A Film



Written by Luke Barnes

 This film came and went, with many having the good sense to avoid it as it tried to piggy back desperately on Jordan Peele’s new horror sub-genre. However, it can’t hope to match the inherent intelligence of Peele’s films or his uncanny ability to perfectly blend together social commentary and horror into one narrative whole.

Continuing on, the worst part of this film is its paper thin writing. The metaphor and message of Antebellum is stuffed into your face to the point of nausea, and to make matters worse it thinks it is being subtle and insightful with it- that is really not the case. This film mostly ignores the fact that it is supposed to be a horror film, and instead focuses on well worn social commentary: this quickly turns into a lecture.

The style is oddly jarring as the time travel elements don’t really work together, the clash is not outrightly terrible, but it does take you out of the experience and bothers you more and more as you think about it.

Likewise the acting isn’t anything to write home about, and for all those who said this was going to be Janelle Monae’s break out performance I think you can all see how wrong you were.

Overall, this film tried and failed to copy Jordan Peele, but it is nothing more than a pale imitation.


The premise has promise


Janelle Monae

The lecture

The two time periods clash

It doesn’t understand the word subtly  

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2 thoughts on “Antebellum: A Lecture Disguised As A Film

  1. When I first heard about this movie I thought the premise sounded like the novel ‘Kindred.’ Now that I’ve read about the big twist ending and seen all the bad reviews, I have no desire to watch it. 😛

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