The Marksman: Liam It Is Time To Retire

The Marksman


Written by Luke Barnes

Time was a new Liam Neeson action film would have got me excited; hell in the lead up to this film coming out on VOD I was excited to see it, I thought it could be more solid Neeson action in the vein of Taken or Run All Night, sadly it isn’t- it is deeply forgettable, quite racist and a slog to get through.

Right off the bat, the idea that this white, ex-army, farmer is a young Mexican boys only chance at escaping the Cartel is troublesome as a reflection of the white saviour trope, when you add to that the general view this film takes on illegal immigrants, not a very nice one to put it mildly, and the fact that nearly every single non-white character is blanketly bad you can start to see my point about racism.

Moreover, Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick and every other actor in this film is sleepwalking. No one seems to be trying here, almost as though in their minds they know the film is going to be bad and are just showing up for something to do. It is a shame as in years gone by a Liam Neeson action film was usually a few hours of dumb fun, now it can’t even rouse my interest enough to make sitting through it anything other than a chore.

It feels to me like Neeson has given up in terms of action films over the last few years, which is understandable, but if this is true he needs to stop appearing in them and go after different roles as it is starting to get tiresome.

Overall. A dreary disappointment.


Liam Neeson has some charm


Neeson isn’t trying especially in the action scenes

It is a slog to get through

It is quite racist

It is deeply generic    

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