Prince Of Persia: This Man Love Sand, The Inverse Of A Young Anakin Skywalker

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time


Written by Luke Barnes

Video game films often get a bad rap, however, more often then not I find enjoyment in them- especially when they have fun with the games original premise. Assassins Creed, Resident Evil andthis all have more than enough campy, popcorn fun to make up for the fact they wont be winning any awards.

I think of the videogame films I’ve seen this is definitely on the better side of the genre, as the film works as an escapist action, adventure film that doesn’t require too much brain power. I thought the time mechanics, as yes this has time travel elements, are handled much better here then they are in the game. It is far more concise and obvious here, whereas in the games it varies and is never fully pinned down.

Jake Gyllenhaal can rarely take a step wrong, and that is again shown here, as he makes for a very likeable if not very realistic Prince of Persia. Gyllenhaal gives the role a light touch and has fun with it, he also shares great on-screen chemistry and rapport with Gemma Arterton who is the female lead. The two share a good amount of on-screen banter together that actually manages to be funny and hold up, which is an added pro.

Overall, this feels very much in a similar vein to the beloved Brenden Frasier Mummy films and does, in my opinion, deserve far more love than it receives.




Fun and breezy

Simplifies the games


The CGI is distracting

Rather obvious white washing

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