Concrete Cowboy: Would You Rather Be A Cowboy Or A Criminal, The Choice Is Obvious

Concrete Cowboy


Written by Luke Barnes

If nothing else this film made me aware of something I hadn’t been previously- the Fletcher Street Urban Cowboys of Pennsylvania. Reading into the organisation and the cause after the film, I am heartened by the fact that even though the film itself is very average maybe it can draw some attention to the youth outreach programs the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club provide and maybe make a difference for the community.

Anyway, the key issue with this film is that it is slow, there is a lot of emotions and interpersonal drama, but in actual events that move the plot forward there is a shortage. By the hour mark of the film I was finding myself bored and starting to switch off, the characters had not really progressed much from the opening few minutes despite over half the film being gone. The ending furthers this problem, as any growth that can be seen feels rushed to.  

The acting is a mixed bag Caleb Laughlin, of Stranger Things fame, is very good and throws off the child like confines of his performance on that show to give a rousing dramatic performance that clearly bares both heart and soul. However, Idris Elba who plays Laughlin’s characters estranged father is not as strong. I am a big fan of Elba, I even enjoyed Turn Up Charlie which many didn’t, but he is not on good form here, his accent is patchy at best and noticeably fake at worst and he is frequently distracting.

Overall, though Laughlin gives one hell of a performance this film is destined to be forgotten about.

The cause



It is incredibly slow


The ending

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