Thunder Force: Seal Is Overplayed

Thunder Force


Written by Luke Barnes

The team-ups between Melissa McCarthy and her director husband Ben Falcone, have so far produced bad film after bad film. Many would tell you that this film is yet another in that line, however, I have to say it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The world of the film, and the characters other than McCarthy’s lead, are all entertaining and fun enough that you happily watch them for the duration. Jason Bateman as the likeable sub villain turned hero has a lot of great moments on screen and steals the show ultimately. Likewise Octavia Spenser as one of the founding members of the Thunder Force brings a lot of class and presence to the role and makes the most out of it.

The thing that lets this film down is Melissa McCarthy. As many of you know I am no fan of McCarthy or her humour, she is frequently the worst part of the films she is in, and this is a near perfect example of that. Her dated references aren’t funny, the jokes aimed at her being fat or odd aren’t funny and feel needlessly mean, and don’t even get me started on the slapstick.

Overall, not as bad as you have heard, but I still can’t recommend it.



The world


Melissa McCarthy

The humour

The plot/premise and the over familiarity

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