Bad Trip: The Worst Of Tiffany Haddish

Written by Luke Barnes

Bad Trip is a hidden camera comedy film directed by Kitao Sakurai. The plot sees two best friends (played by Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howley), go on a quest to escape their boring lives and chase love in New York City.     

I am split on this film. On the one hand it had several funny moments, mainly from Andre, that made me laugh out loud. However, on the other there were also a fair few jokes and stunts that were in deeply poor taste: such as one where Andre’s character gets his hand caught in a blender, now the reason why this is in poor taste is because those around Andre’s character think it is real and respond as such- this could be potentially traumatic.

Moreover, I didn’t find either of the main characters particularly likeable, however, of the two Andre’s is by far worse, he is a selfish jerk, and it is hard to root for him. I don’t know if this is a deliberate character decision or not, but it does taint the film to a degree.

Furthermore, Tiffany Haddish is unbearably unfunny as the films villain. Haddish has films were she shines, and films were she is the worst part, and this is definitely the latter. Her character has one trait that this film is interested in and that is that she is tough, and the film doesn’t bother to explore her character beyond that.

Overall, though it has a few laugh out loud hilarious parts, the film runs the gambit of bad taste and doesn’t have characters that you can even remotely root for.


A few really funny jokes



Bad taste

Not all of the jokes land

The ending


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