Coast: Running Away

Written by Luke Barnes

Coasts is a drama coming of age film directed by Jessica Hester and Derek Schweickart. The plot revolves around a young woman whose life changes when a traveling rock band is forced to stay in her small town for a while.

This film was a very stirring coming of age tale. It struck me as very personable and relatable, we have all been there before, we have all faced the reality of our small town life or grown board with our city if we are not from a small town, the urge to roam and be free is something that every human being can relate to.

I thought the drama of this film was very impactful. The idea of do you stay with what you know and what is comfortable and familiar, or do you take a chance that might never come again and go and be wild, I thought this premise raised a lot of philosophical questions and makes one reflect on their own life.

Overall, a very thoughtful and thought provoking film that nearly everyone can relate to.


The relatability

It causes you to reflect

It is entertaining and engaging


It has a few minor pacing issues


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