The Voices: Family Trouble

Written by Luke Barnes

The Voices is a horror thriller film directed by Wesley Alley and Bradley Fowler. The plot sees a young woman escape to a family member’s remote home where she must deal with her own and her sisters worsening mental health.

I found this film scary in that you never quite know what is going on in someone else’s head or what they are going through. Mental health issues can and often do affect us all at some point in our lives which makes the horror of this film have a personal feel to it.

I think the scares of the film are quite well done, yes there are quite a few jump scares which I found off putting, but there is also a strong horror atmosphere to the film that greatly enhances the ultimate impact of the film and is able to make you feel unsettled after the credits roll.

The appearance from horror icon Lin Shaye is greatly appreciated, she adds a lot of credibility to the film and sells the scenes she is in.

My one negative of this film would be that it feels almost like a stigmatisation of people with mental health conditions, the characterisation of the sister and how she is put across almost feels like a demonisation of those suffering with mental health, which is not on. Of course, this could be me reading into something that isn’t there and be how I took it- it may not be deliberate.

Overall, a few good scares in a passable horror film.


The atmosphere

Lin Shaye

A relatable horror


It approach and depiction of those suffering with mental health

Jump scares

Quite uninspired


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