Doors: This Is A Closed Door For Josh Peck’s Career

Written by Luke Barnes

Doors is a science fiction anthology film. The plot revolves around alien doors suddenly appearing all over Earth, and when people walk into these doors they face their greatest fears as well as alternate versions of themselves and other such nightmarish frights.

I want to put my vote in on this being the most pretentious science fiction film of 2021 now as barring something spectacularly up its own arse, nothing is topping this film.

So where to begin with this one. Firstly, it is never made clear that this is an anthology film, you get the feeling as the film goes along that it might be one, but you can’t shake the feeling that maybe, it is all supposed to flow together and that you missed something. That is this films greatest problem, it thinks it is far more clever then it actually is, in actual fact it is a masterclass in how not to write science fiction. The structure, pacing and even the dialogue in this film serve to be off putting.

The perfect encapsulation of this point is the ending that tries to play itself off as grand and meaningful when in fact it actually just leaves you going ‘really’, it makes Annihilation’s ending look better. Disappointing is to light of a word for this.  

Overall, it was nice to see Josh Peck back on our screens for one fleeting moment, sadly he hitched his horse to a stinker here.


Josh Peck

A few interesting ideas

It is unsettling


It is incredibly pretentious

It is boring

It doesn’t make sense


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