Friday The 13th Part 6: Jason Takes The Portal Gun

Written by Luke Barnes

Friday The 13th Part 6 is a slasher horror film directed by Tom McLoughlin. The plot sees Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews), be proven right to fear the return of Jason Voorhees (C.J Graham and Dan Bradley), as he inadvertently ends up resurrecting Jason after his death at the end of Part 4.

This is a lot of dumb fun, is it as good as Part 2 and 4? No, no it isn’t. However, unlike a lot of those other films this film seems to have an almost self-aware air to it, and it seems to revel in knowing how ridiculous its premise is, though without making the film overly silly.

In that vein, it is in this film we see Jason start to develop his superhuman abilities, putting him power wise in the same ball park as a few of the other major slashers. To me these powers don’t ruin the tension of the film, but I can understand how they would for some. Jason teleporting around the area, though that is never confirmed, does make for some unbelievable moments though again this doesn’t bother me as I was not taking the film seriously to begin with.

Finally, I just want to touch briefly on the end credits song. As the credits for this film roll we are treated to the song The Man Behind The Mask by Alice Cooper, and it might be one of the best film tie in songs I have ever heard. For fear of this becoming a music review, let me just say that since I watched this film I have been listening to that song on a near constant loop.

Overall, more solid Jason action, the supernatural elements do derail things somewhat, however, if you were not taking it seriously to begin with then it doesn’t hugely effect things.


The end credits song

The dumb fun

Still very watchable


The supernatural elements derail it somewhat

Tommy Jarvis has a weak ending


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