Will Reading: Helping Your Dead Friends Wife Cheat The IRS

Written by Luke Barnes

Will Reading is a comedy film directed by Jamie Insalaco. The plot sees a group of friends gather together after the death of one of their number, to help the deceased widow find money that her husband had hidden from the IRS.

I think there is something so earnest and pure about this film. It captures friendship in such a realistic and warm way, the friendships within this film feel genuine, it reminds you off those you are closest to and it feels like a warm security blanket.

I found the laughter from a sad origin idea to be quite ingenious, and I thought seeing this group come together to help out after the death of their friend only really added to the wholesome appeal of the film.

Though this film is not a laugh a minute, there are a good amount of laughs scattered throughout and many more moments to smile to.

Overall, a delightfully funny comedy with a winning personality and a wholesome appeal.


The wholesome appeal

The focus on friendship

A few good laughs

A lively pace


Somewhat predictable


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