Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Power Broker

Written by Luke Barnes

Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 3 Power Broker is the third episode in the Marvel Disney + series. The plot sees Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan), break Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), out of prison so that he can help them find out more information about the super soldier program and the Flag Smashers.

I thought this episode was on the whole good, not as good as the previous episode however, for reasons we will get to later. I thought it moved the story along and introduced some interesting new elements and locations to the MCU that I hope to see again in other films and Disney + series.

It was nice to see Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) return. Though she did not do a lot, really she was just there to spout exposition and to remind the audience she was alive. However, she did manage to make an impression due to one very graphic, for the MCU, and well-choreographed fight scene.  

My issues with this episode are twofold. Firstly, I think the two separate storylines, the boys hunting down answers about the super soldier serum, and the stuff with the fake Captain America (Wyatt Russell) are starting to clash. Personally I think the stuff with the fake Captain America is going in a very obvious direction and I would rather they just get it over with so we can focus on the more interesting matters at hand.

Secondly, and this is linked to the previous point, the idea of Bucky and Sam going rogue and the Government coming for them for freeing Zemo feels very phase 3, very Civil War era and I get that it is a stylistic inspiration for the show, but personally I think the MCU is past it and I don’t really want to see it go back.

Overall, still a strong episode, but some of the tonal and plot issues are starting to show.


Bringing back Sharon

The ending


They do use Sharon for anything interesting

The storylines are starting to clash

A bit too Civil War like for my taste


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