Godzilla Vs Kong: A Pretender To The Throne

Written by Luke Barnes

Godzilla Vs Kong is a science fiction film directed by Adam Wingard and set in the Monsterverse. The plot sees the two Kings do battle, as there can only be one.

As many of you know, I was not a fan of King Of The Monsters, I thought it was loud, dumb and devoid of charm. However, whilst to a point that is still applicable here, I am please to say I enjoyed this film far more.

The logic of the film is still very dumb, the humans turn on Godzilla almost immediately despite realising how much they liked him at the end of the last film- only to later realise they like him again. There are a ton of plot holes, and broken plot threads that go nowhere, but you aren’t watching this for the plot.

The monsters fighting is quite well done and does not become repetitive as I had feared it might do. I think that this was far more of a Kong film with the odd appearance from Godzilla here and there, and I didn’t mind that.

I thought the emotion was spot on; that is my biggest compliment of the film. Firstly, you cared about the human characters, which is shocking, and not only that but they have impactful emotional arcs both between themselves and with the titans which greatly enhances the film as a whole.

Overall, a step up from the previous film that manages to do the impossible and make you care about the human characters.


The human characters

The emotion

Fun monster fights


It is dumb and the logic doesn’t make sense

It feels a little underwhelming after all the titans featured in the previous film


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