Interview With Darcy Weir: Head Writer/ Director For Crop Circle Realities

Written by Luke Barnes

I recently had the chance to chat to Darcy Weir about their documentary film Crop Circle Realities, the film serves to investigate the phenomena of crop circles and tries to suggest possible origin theories for them. We discuss other worldly visitors, UFO’s and of course the actual origins of crop circles, I hope you enjoy!

Q: What word would you use to describe Crop Circle Realities?

DW: Informative

Q: Who is your filmmaking inspiration?

DW: James Fox

Q:  What was the catalyst for you making this film?

DW: I found this story sitting in some hay in England…Jaime Maussan and I had done a couple documentaries together

and I saw how for years since the early 90’s he had been flying over to England to observe first-hand the crop circles as they appeared.

I wanted to find out more about his experience and what he had learned. This led me to meeting Gary King, who was the first person to

lead Jaime Maussan around a crop circle. It was all laid out for me from there.

Q:  Did you run into any stumbling blocks while making this film?

DW: Yes, I was looking for the original video of the Oliver Castle UFO laying a crop circle formation and through Tercer Milenio a Mexican News agency, I was able to obtain it finally.

Q: Do you have any fun on-set stories?

DW: Jaime Maussan fell off his seat at one time because he was startled by a call that he received on his cell phone mid interview. We had to cut that take for sure.

Q: What was your message with this film what were you trying to convey? 

DW: Not all crop circles are manmade, and the ones from an off world source have important messages for mankind. “Much pain, but there’s still time”.

Q: If you could go back in time to when you were first starting out as a filmmaker what advice would
you give yourself?

DW: Don’t be afraid to take chances, connect with as many like-minded people as possible and don’t waste your time on the other ones.

Q: What is the reality of crop circles?

DW: They have been showing up en-masse in the Wiltshire area of England for centuries now. There is a continuity in the messaging there and they will keep coming every year.

Q: If you won an award for the film who would you thank?

DW: My Wife, for supporting me and tagging along on these interview adventures.

Q:  Would you consider doing a follow up Documentary in the future?

DW: Yes, there is still a lot to talk about in terms of important crop circle messages that have shown up.

If you would like to check out Crop Circle Realities then you can find it on various streaming marketplaces, and as always check out my review of it which can be found on my blog right now!

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