Crop Circle Realities: Lights In The Sky

Written by Luke Barnes

Crop Circle Realities is a documentary film directed by Darcy Weir. The plot of the film explores the phenomena of crop circles, and there possible alien connection. This documentary seeks out answers behind the creation of crop circles.

So, I must confess before watching this I had heard of crop circles before, in regard to aliens, but I never knew much about them beyond the basics. Luckily for me this film teaches you a lot about crop circles as a phenomena and is quite accessible in its presentation so everyone can understand and follow what is going on, regardless of prior knowledge.

I think the documentary strives to be informative over salacious, which is always a good thing, more so the film allows you to have fun watching it and feel entertained whether you believe in its central narrative or not.

Moreover, the more conservative run time of this film being only just over an hour allows it to operate at a nice quick pace: feeling like it is hitting on all the major points without feeling dragged out or padded for time, which can often cost documentaries marks.

Overall, a fun and informative documentary that raises some interesting questions and that prompts you to do you own research after the film ends.


The pace

The accessibility

A lot of fun

Watchable even if you don’t believe in the central narrative


A few ideas get brushed over and could do with a bit more time exploring them


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