The Vault: Uncharted Meets Oceans, But Without The Charm Of Either

Written by Luke Barnes

The Vault is a crime heist film directed by Jaume Balaguero. The plot sees a group of thieves try to break into Spain’s most secure vault during the World Cup.

What is it with Freddie Highmore? As a young actor he had such promise and now he seems content in playing the same role over and over again: the role in case you were not aware is odd ball, intelligent characters with a bad streak. From Bates Motel to this film, that character type sums up Highmore’s career, and if anything is starting to get a little repetitive.  

There is some interest to this film when it first starts, Liam Cunningham is very interesting as the rich treasure collector and has a good screen presence, however, the film soon taints that. The ending of this film which in my mind is the worst part and the thing that seals the ultimate fate of this film for me, feels like a less charismatic, less thought-out spoof of one of the Oceans films; serving to be so unbelievably ridiculous and dumb that you are left saying “wait really”.

The one thing I will give this film credit for is the way it ties the event of the World Cup into the setting and the world of the film. This to me made the film feel unique and is just different enough to distract me from how generic this film actually is.

Overall, a waste of time. Liam Cunningham is giving a good performance and he almost makes this film worthwhile, but not even he is that good.



The use of the World Cup



The ending

How generic it is


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