Yes Day: Edgar Ramirez’s Time To Shine

Written by Luke Barnes

Yes Day is a comedy-drama film directed by Miguel Arteta. The plot follows a couple (played by Edgar Ramirez and Jennifer Garner), who used to say yes to life, however, since having kids no has become their word of choice. After a parent teacher night proves illuminating, they decide to give their kids a yes day: this is a day in which the parents have to say yes to whatever their kids ask of them.

When I put this film on I was expecting it to be bad, I wanted something mindless to switch off to yet still be happy enough to keep me entertained in the background. However, what I got was a surprisingly sweet film that made me smile quite a few times.

First off I want to say that this is Edgar Ramirez’s movie, he has made a few misses in recent years, but he is the life and soul of this film and his characters emotional arc spoke to me. I actually found myself becoming invested in his character throughout the film, I felt the same towards Garner though less so in terms of relatability.

I think the premise is comically inventive enough to be interesting whilst not being novel enough to shake the boat. Though it is always fairly obvious where the film is going, it is quite wholesome along the way and has a number of good messages and supporting characters; Arturo Castro was a particular delight.

In terms of the film’s comedy, I didn’t find myself laughing really at all, I had the odd chuckle here and there but for the most part I was smiling. I wouldn’t say this film is funny, but I would say it is entertaining.

Overall, a surprisingly good time.





Wholesome fun


Nothing you haven’t seen before


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