Devil In The Woods: A Film Studies Project Brings More Kids To The Woods

Devil In The Woods is a British horror film directed by Terence Elliot. The plot sees several film studies students go out into the woods to shoot a project however, as they go about their business they soon realise that they are not alone, and that something other worldly is in their too.

An aside, this film takes me back to my days as a film studies student in college, though I am still one now at University level, when I would be doing very similar things to the characters in this film- the only difference is that no monsters were stalking me. Still, there was a lot of fun reminders of my own experiences in this film. 

Setting to one side my own life experience this film reminded me quite a bit of films like The Blair Witch Project and another British horror film The Borderlands, I saw this as a compliment as not only does this film manage to live up to those, in some ways it improves on them.

The acting from across the cast is quite strong, you believe these are real people, real students and as such you become that bit more engaged in the film. Likewise, as things start to turn sinister you can’t help but root for the characters to survive as they feel like you’re friends.

Personally, I have always found woods creepy, and this film manages to perfectly capture that as it brings to the forefront that quiet feeling of dread and silence that is never too far away on any visit to the woods, or maybe that is just me.

I applaud this film for building its scares through atmosphere rather than forcing in jump scares, it is always more effective, and that is shown here. I think the quietly increasing oppressive nature of the atmosphere is what makes this film unsettling.

Overall, a strong effort that highlights a primordial horror in nature through an oppressive atmosphere that never lets up.


A strong cast

A relatability, especially if you are a film student

Good scares


Tapping into the horror of nature, the silent unease




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