Body Swap: Switching Places For Love?

Written by Luke Barnes

Body Swap is a comedy romance film directed by Timothy Morton. The plot sees CJ (Ella Jordan), a powerful business woman and Casey (Jimmy Kustes), a slacker switch places- hijinks ensue.

Whilst this may not be the most original premise, there is still a lot of fun to be had here. Body swap films are quite rare these days, yes you have your Freaky’s and your Princess Switches’ as recent examples, but when you look at the genre as a whole there really haven’t been a lot recently. I for one am glad to see any film bring the concept back, it always makes for great fun.

Fun would be the word I would use to describe this film, as though it is not side splittingly funny it does provide a few laughs and more than enough smile inducing moments: from start to finish I had a smile on my face. I think both the comedy and romance elements work well, and nicely compliment the film.

Moreover, I thought both Jordan and Kustes played their respective roles with enough charm and awkward comedy that they sold it, with each making their character feel likeable.

However, my biggest compliment has to go to the writer as this film knew how to use the body swap premise to its fullest.

Overall, a fun film that is a blast to watch.


Body swapping madness

Strong leads

Very easy to smile at

A wholesome romance elements


We have seen this before


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