Falcon And The Winter Soldier: New World Order

Written by Luke Barnes

Falcon And The Winter Soldier is the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the second Disney + offering. The plot sees Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), existing in a post Endgame and post Captain America world.

As far as first episodes to event TV shows go this one is quite slow. There is a fairly tame opening action set piece to start with, but the main purpose of this episode entitled New World Order is to function as a character study of the two leads- and to clearly define where they are at, both as heroes and as people.

This episode delves into some quite deep areas, such as loss, accountability and self-loathing and is far darker than most content coming out of the MCU in recent years. The show feels mature, and the themes and ideas explored further this as they feel very real and lived rather than fantastical.

Moreover, this episode also has a socio-political/ racial message to it, which again is a first for the MCU. Whilst not being overt and choosing to use the returned people after the blip as a standin for oppressed Black Americans, the metaphor is clear. Sadly, this will make the episode polarising as there will be those asking to keep real world politics out of this action/ fantasy show.

In terms of wider lore building this episode introduces us to the new Captain America (Wyatt Russell), who will factor into the events of the show heavily going forward. Likewise the new villainous group the Flag Smashers are also introduced, and this is important as comics wise this group has ties to the New World Order, The Masters Of Evil and The Dark Avengers- so might be an indication as to wear the MCU is heading.

Overall, not what I was expecting, far slower and more introspective, however it does do some great character work and sets up a series of interesting events to come.


Bucky’s arc

Sam’s arc

Setting up battles to come


It is very slow

It might be too political for some

The new Captain America reveal feels a bit rushed


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