Slaxx: Skinny Jeans Really Will Be The Death Of You

Written by Luke Barnes

Slaxx is a horror comedy film directed Elza Kephart. The plot sees the workers of a fashion store come under attack when a possessed pair of jeans goes on a murderous rampage.

This is one of the best surprises I’ve had recently. Though this film’s premise sounds absurd it is actually surprisingly well executed, and actually quite thoughtful as well. The backstory of how the jeans came to be possessed, and yes there is a significant backstory put in place for this, which I won’t spoil as this is a fairly new film is actually inspired and has a spot on message behind it.

The jean kills, are hilarious in the best way. A few made me laugh out loud, and the rest made me chuckle, they are so comically over the top and gory it is perfect. The unique nature of watching a pair of jeans kill someone is something that really hasn’t been covered much in the horror genre and this film makes up for that in a big way.

The acting is serviceable, and they manage to sell the serious threat of the possessed jeans rather than breaking down laughing so I will give them props for that.

Overall, a hilariously silly horror comedy film that you should definitely check out.


The hilarious premise

A surprisingly deep backstory for the jeans

The jean kills

The gore


The characters are a bit thin


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