Confessions Of A Haunting: Passing On

Written by Luke Barnes

Confessions of a Haunting is a horror, drama short film directed by Andre J.D Robinson. The plot sees a woman (Julie Mainville) talk into an online confessional about a recent loss she has suffered in her family, as she does a voice can be heard talking back- presumably a voice from the other-side.

I will never cease to be surprised by the wonders filmmakers are achieving during lockdown. Though the premise and set up of this film are quite simple, they are used to great effect, both in terms of horror and drama.

On the drama side of things, the monologue delivered by Mainville is deeply personal and touching. We have all lost someone in our lives, or most at least, and can relate to what she is going through. The dialogue manages to become affecting and have an emotional impact which is always a positive sign.

In terms of horror, when we first hear the voice from the other-side it is shocking, because as you approach the midpoint you think that the short will be about this person coming to terms with their loss and that the horror on display will be emotional. However, when it does take a supernatural turn it is surprising and unnerving and you being to question what is happening.

Overall, a sad and creepy affair that is made as strong as it is by the writing.


It is well written

It makes you feel something

The supernatural turn is unexpected



Could do with further expansion, maybe a few extra minutes


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