Making And Unmaking: A Frank Conversation With A Filmmaker

Written by Luke Barnes

Making and Unmaking is a candid documentary short film directed by Shaun Rose. The film sees Rose open up and discuss various triumphs and sets backs he had whilst making his feature film Upstate Story.

If you have an interest in the production side of film, then I would say this is a must watch.

Those of us who have made a film before, are presented with an earnest and frank conversation that we all know well, making a film is one of the hardest things a person can do. As Rose details the events surrounding the production of the film, he paints us a vivid picture of the place his life was in, his fight to get this film made. Touching is not enough to describe this film, but as someone who has made short films before (and would dread the pressure of making anything longer), I can say that this film is incredibly relatable.

Moreover, if you have never made a film before this is still immensely enriching, as it provides a very honest look into the sort of things that filmmakers go through, and what life is really like on a film set.

Overall, this is a very special film in a lot of ways, and it brought a tear to my eye. A beautiful story that needs to be heard.


The honesty

The raw emotional weight

A useful educational tool

Very relatable


Those not into film production may find less to be interested in here


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