Cursed Camera: Video Killed…. Well Everyone

Written by Luke Barnes

Cursed Camera is a horror short directed by Hunter Farris. The plot sees a group of budding filmmakers become the unwitting victims of a demon after they start using a cursed camera that kills those who appear on its lens.

This is what horror cinema is all about, the wonderful shorts that breath life back into the genre! I greatly enjoyed this film for the short time it was on, as I thought it was very clever and it made me laugh.

If you have ever made a short yourself before, then you will find the premise itself quite hilarious and more than a little relatable. Moreover, I think the film’s lampoon of possession tropes is spot on, and I was laughing for the entire runtime of the film.

 I thought the acting was also quite good, and even though each character was only on screen a minute amount of time before they are killed off most still have their moment to shine and for the most part nail it.

Overall, this was a lot of fun to watch and if you have a spare few minutes you should definitely check it out, eagerly awaiting what the filmmaker does next.


A novel premise

A strong lampoon

Many funny scenes

The cast are strong

The ending perfectly sets up more fun




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