The Parish: Nuns Are Always Creepy

The Parish is a horror film directed by David S. Hogan. The plot sees single mum Liz (Angela DiMarco), and her daughter move after Liz’s husband dies- looking for a fresh start. However, upon arrival Liz and her daughter quickly find themselves caught up in a decades old mystery as well as a millennium long battle between good and evil.

The main thing that drew me to this film was Bill Oberst Jr. I am a big fan of the films of Rob Zombie (particularly the Firefly trilogy), so seeing his name attached instantly attracted my attention. Oberst Jr, does not disappoint and is as good here as he is in the final instalment in that trilogy, stealing damn near every scene he is in and managing to be the coolest thing about the film.

Another strong point about the film is it’s scares. Though the film starts off slow, by the twenty minute mark you can see things are a miss, and when Liz starts having horrific nightmare that’s when the film really starts getting going: the nightmares provide the film with some strong horror visuals, but it is the general scene of creepiness brought about by the atmosphere and the plot that makes the film unsettling. This film sat with me for a while after I watched it, which is always a good sign for a horror film.

Overall, a terrifically creepy affair with an excellent, as always, turn from Bill Oberst Jr.


Oberst Jr


The scares

The mystery

The final showdown


The opening is a little slow


Reviewed by Luke  

2 thoughts on “The Parish: Nuns Are Always Creepy

  1. Luke, thank you for reviewing The Parish, man. I enjoy your reviews; always fair and always straight to the point. Appreciate the good word about my work, too. – Bill


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