The Edge Of Seventeen: High Fidelity In A Classroom

Written by Luke Barnes

Edge Of Seventeen is a coming of age comedy film directed by Kelly Fremon Craig. The plot sees socially awkward teen Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), navigate a world of depression, rejection and family strife, all whilst figuring out who she wants to be- I promise it is happier than that sounds.

I enjoyed this film so much, that it has quickly supplanted its way into my top ten films of all time.

For me, this is one of the best if not the best teen film of all time. There is something so painfully true about this film that really reached me and felt reflective of my own high school experience. The idea of teenage mental health is not something that you often see come up in coming of age fare beyond the usual idea of angst, however, it is really done justice here.
Where this film pips something like Lady Bird, is that it is more relatable. There is a quiet middle class privilege to Lady Bird, yes I said it, that though present here also is lessened to a point whereby it feels like a closer mirror to how a lot of people actually experience highschool.

Steinfeld is terrific here truly. I know True Grit was the film that put her on the map for a lot of people, but this was the film for me that made me stand up and take notice. She makes the characters so complex, but also so likeable, so charming and yet so self-destructive.  Moreover, the level of chemistry she has with Woody Harrelson, who plays her teacher, is off the charts- they must be cast together in more films.

Overall, a film that spoke to me on a personal level and reminded me why I love film.


Focusing on teenage mental health



The writing is sharp and witty

It feels painfully true


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