Addams Family Values: The Goth At Your Summer Camp

Written by Luke Barnes

Addams Family Values is a family, fantasy, dark comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The plot sees the Addams family welcome a new member into their family. Meanwhile Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd), is seduced by black widow Debbie (Joan Cusack), and the family has to fight to get him back.

This is very much more of the same, if you enjoyed the first film you will enjoy this. If I had to pick between the two films and say which was better I would probably pick this one, as the story is slightly more engaging and the idea of the Addams children going off to summer camp is bound to inspire at least a few chuckles. Though I preferred it more than the first,  I would not say this was technically, filmmaking wise, better

I thought both of the of the storylines here were well done and entertaining, there are a few slow moments here and there, but these are only minor and really don’t affect the film hugely.

I found the Addams brood to be just as likeable as they wear in the first film, with a young Christina Ricci as Wednesday being, of course, the standout; Ricci really should come back for the Wednesday live action show that Tim Burton is working on, I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t. My one criticism on this front would be that, as characters I don’t feel like they really progress, the arcs they go through are incredibly limited, and where the characters start at the first frame of the first film to where they end at the last frame of the second film is virtually indistinguishable- there really is no character growth.

The humour this time around still made me laugh, but perhaps not as much as in the first film and I did notice that more of the jokes feel flat.

Overall, more of the same.



The Addams are still fun to watch

The summer camp plotline is a lot of fun


The characters don’t really progress

The humour is a little weaker this time around


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