Hit Record: Everyone Wants To Be Famous

Written by Luke Barnes

Hit Record is a comedy mockumentary film directed by Ethan Cvitanic. The plot sees aspiring pop star Shug Cherney (Shug Cvitanic), agree to take part in a documentary in hopes of boosting her fame.

This might be the perfect mockumentary for these modern times. Every other weeks there is another big documentary about a famous singer releasing on one steaming platform or another, we’ve had Taylor Swift, we’ve had Billie Eilish, but were they went wrong is that they took the documentary formatting too seriously and didn’t have fun with it.

Therefore it is quite refreshing to see a mockumentary come out, that is having fun with it, and is poking a little bit of fun at these other films expense. This film reminded me of the sort of thing that would play on MTV in the late 90s early 00’s, which I would later see on repeat years later and it would form a part of my young adolescent brain- and I mean that as a compliment.

The thing I like most of all about this film is that it is just fun, that’s all. It is not trying to teach me something, it is not trying to make me think about the world or an issue, it is just trying to entertain me, and it does that well.

I would say I was laughing a good 80% of time, and when I wasn’t I was smiling, so as far as comedy films go this film is on top form.

Overall, a terrific mockumentary film that provides solid entertainment value and sits nicely next to films like Pop Star.


A lot of fun

It’s funny

Strong commentary

That MTV late 90s appeal


The characters are a little thin


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