Enchanted: In The Real World Disney Princesses Are Surprisingly Boring

Written by Luke Barnes

Enchanted is a family fantasy film directed by Kevin Lima. The plot sees fairy-tale princess Giselle (Amy Adams), become trapped in our world, after suffering a deadly trick from the Evil Queen (Susan Sarandon).

Amy Adams really does prove her range here, we already know that she can do heavy dramatic fare well, but this proves she can also pull of family friendly comedy too; she really is a multi-talented performer.

Adams definitely is the acting highlight of this film, as the rest of the cast range from serviceable, Patrick Dempsey, to underused, James Marsden, to confusingly handled, Susan Sarandon. Adams and Dempsey have good chemistry and it is nice to see a wholesome romance, that doesn’t actually have any toxic elements, from a Disney film.

Marsden is underused, but it more than that- there is no need for his whole character. Marsden plays the Prince Charming character and quests after Giselle into our world, falsely believing she is his soul mate; though this film doesn’t call it soulmates, instead something weird and vaguely annoying. Anyway, his whole character serves no real purpose beside a slight threat to the central romance and even then not really. Everything around his character and those parts of the plot are weak.

Sarandon seems woefully miscast and takes the role way to over the top in terms of camp.

The premise itself, the idea of an animated princess coming into our world is in itself strong and ripe for exploring, and the film does use it for several good jokes and moments, though I would say the ultimate execution of ideas does leave something to be desired.

Overall, a strong idea and performance from Adams, sadly the rest of the cast drag the film down.



The premise


The cast are either underused or miscast

The villain is awful

It is repetitive


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